Our philosophy is centered around self-defense and de-escalation tactics to avoid conflict where possible. In the event that conflict is inevitable, we give our students the tools to defend themselves and end conflict with minimal damage to themselves.

Taylor Jiu-Jitsu incorporates various parts of your body for striking (punches, kicks, knees, elbows, etc), joint locking techniques that attack the weaker points of your opponent’s body, the use of pressure points, clinching, throwing, off-balancing techniques to take your opponent to the ground, and grappling techniques to control and subdue your opponent from any further threat.

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Taylor Jiu-Jitsu
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Patrick HeislerPatrick Heisler
01:16 29 Jul 22
As I entered Taylor jujitsu I was greeted with a lot of acceptance and Patience. The instructors here have have a deep rooted knowledg within the sport and encourage anybody to participate
Brodie WrightBrodie Wright
15:06 20 Jul 22
Came here with my dad and i have been training for arpund 7-8 months. It has really been fun, the instructors and students are very inclusive and welcoming. I do recommend this place for a safe spot to learn and have fun.
Jaime YamanakaJaime Yamanaka
19:51 16 Jul 22
Great martial artists and a wonderful community of people. I’ve trained martial arts for years and this dojo really cares about their students, creating a strong community and real self defense. A great place for adults and youth!
Josh RyantJosh Ryant
14:03 16 Jul 22
Came here as a beginner and was blown away at how comfortable I felt and how easily I was welcomed to the community. Really made me feel at home right away. Love this place
Adam MessihaAdam Messiha
16:03 15 Jul 22
Very friendly students and extremely knowledgeable teacher. I would recommend to anyone. Great place to learn and master your skill