Taylor Jiujitsu

Our Approach

Our style of Japanese Jiujitsu covers all aspects of fighting. It begins with striking, closes distance to clinch, brings the fight to the ground, and grapples to submission.

Meet the Team

Scott Taylor

Scott Taylor

Renshi Scott Taylor

Renshi Scott Taylor has been studying Kumo Jiu Jitsu for well over 10 years. Renshi Scott Taylor currently holds the rank of 4th degree black belt in Kumo Jiu Jitsu, has a black belt in Tae Kwon Do, and is St. John’s Ambulance First Aid and CPR-C certified.  Renshi Scott is a Certified Level 3 – Senior Instructor of Kumo Jiu Jitsu and offers seminars across Ontario & recently in England as well.

He has had the opportunity to train with several UFC fighters including George St. Pierre, Jo “Daddy” Stevenson, Gray “The Bully” Maynard, and Brandon “The Truth” Vera.

Sensei Nick

Nick Garacci

Sensei Nick Garacci

Sensei Nicholas Garacci has been studying Kumo Jiu Jitsu since 2009. In addition to his Japanese Jiu Jitsu background, Sensei Nick has a background in studying Jeet Kun Do and Filipino Martial Arts. 

He specializes in training youth with intellectual disabilities and works frequently with individuals with Autism Spectrum Disorder and youth in conflict. Nick demonstrates exceptional knowledge of his craft and utilizes mindfulness techniques to teach people of all ages efficiently and effectively. 

Chris Tindale

Sensei Chris Tindale

Sensei Chris Tindale has been studying martial arts since 2006 & holds Black belts in Juko-Ryu Jiujitsu and in Kumo Jiujitsu.

Sensei Tindale has experience coaching team sports as well as Jiujitsu to athletes as young as 7 to adulthood.

First Aid CPR C + AED

Ken Hannah

Sempi Ken Hannah

Fell in love with martial arts at the age of 8, began wrestling and submission style martial arts at the age of 12.

Ki Soo Do taekwondo black belt. Currently an advanced Brown belt working towards Black belt.
Spent 20+ years in different submission arts.

10 years of intervention therapy counseling kids suffering from self harm and suicidal ideation. Worked with UOIT lead researcher for educating persons with FASD.

ASIST trainer
Life works Trainer
Safe talk Trainer
Bully proof Trainer